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If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address costumes (at) scoobycostume (dot) org. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way.

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6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Tom Windsor says:


    I’ve been searching the internet for a while and I’ve just stumbled upon this site. I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase or hire a Scrappy Doo costume for an adult to where. I live in the UK.

    Thank you,

    Tom Windsor

  2. Scooby Doo says:

    Hey Tom,
    I have tried to find these myself, in adult and children sizes, but I have had no luck.
    If you do ever find these, please come back and let me know where.
    Good luck with your search!

  3. brenda says:

    I would like to get a outfit for everyone in the family. . . Do you have one for my youngest to go as scrappy doo?????
    thank you.

  4. brenda says:

    OOPS he is in 12 months

  5. Scooby Doo says:

    Hi Brenda,
    we’ve also been looking for Scrappy Doo costumes. I will contact some of our suppliers and see if they’ve got them yet. I wanted to get back to you right away to let you know that I’ll see what I can find, and get back to you ASAP.

  6. Scooby Doo says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I Googled Scrappy Doo last night and found this Wikipedia site:

    You’ll see that Scrappy Doo is basically identical to Scooby Doo, but a smaller version. He has the same face, and the same dog tag. So, to answer your question, a Scooby Doo costume would look exactly the same as a Scrappy Doo costume.

    The next consideration is size. Click here and then scroll down to “Bay Scooby Doo Costume”. Click on the link or the image. The size that I think you’d need would be the Infant, which is 6-12 months. Depending on how big your son is, you might have to go up 1 size. If that’s the case, you’d be looking for the “Deluxe Child Scooby Doo Costume”.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

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