Five Steps To a Perfect Scooby Doo Theme Party

Are your kids Scooby Doo fanatics? Would they enjoy a themed birthday party like this? If so, you’re in luck – with this themed parties are fun and easy to put together, and you could become quite a hero by following these simple steps to a fantastic and memorable party with this outfit for your child. It’s easy to do, relatively inexpensive, and will make for some great pictures for the scrap-book. Jinkies!

This outfit is a perennially popular character, and making a memorable themed birthday party for your child is easier than it sounds. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and it will make for some great pictures for the scrapbook junkies!

Check out these five easy steps to a memorable Mystery Machine themed party:

  1. This costume! Invite the kids to dress up as their favorite character! Scooby, the gang from the Mystery Machine, or even one the many ghosts, ghouls, and monsters that the gang is always busting. There are many ways to get creative with clothes already in your wardrobe, and there are numerous other official designer Scooby Doo costumes available from shops and the Internet.
  2. Movie marathon! Have a TV set up playing episodes of this outfit. Or you could play The Movie 1, 2 or 3. It’s very easy to do, and requires only the equipment that most households already have. Grab a couple of DVDs from the local video store, or jump them up in your Netflix queue, and you’re good to go.
  3. Think accessories. Napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, decorations, and party favors are all available with a Scooby Doo theme. It’s this level of attention to detail that will make your event a memorable one in the minds of all the kids that attended. They’ll talk about it for months to their friends and parents. Other parents will think that you’re so creative coming up with such an ingenious theme of ideas, games, and party treats.
  4. Have scooby show up. In most areas, professional actors are available with a wide variety of costumes, including popular characters like this. Actually having the character show up would thrill the kids!
  5. Put up a photo wall. Let the kids take some of the pictures themselves, if you’re feeling really adventurous. Disposable cameras make great party favors! But for immediate fun, take photos and print them, and let the kids put them on the photo wall to create instant memories. You and your child will laugh about it for months after the party.

Since the 70s, Scooby Doo Costumes have been evergreen masquerade, theme party, and Halloween choices. Boys and girls, men and women – even the family dog can get in on the action. Scooby Doo Costumes don’t tend to be bulky or constricting. They are casual and allow for easy eating, drinking, and chatting because they rarely require masks. Wigs, clothes, and glasses may be all you need to be a convincing member of the Scooby Gang. Also, don’t forget to grab your Scooby Doo Party Supplies.

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