Are Scooby Doo Costumes a Safe Choice?

Let’s admit it, Halloween is primarily for kids. Two objectives that officially licensed Scooby Doo costumes strive for are to be boisterous and fun. Although costumes these days are quite authentic, they’re not always designed with safety in mind. Parents want their kids to look great in their Halloween costumes. However they sometimes unknowingly overlook important safety qualities in order to achieve the perfect look.

Think back to when you were a kid, running from house to house with your pillow cover, trying to accumulate as much candy in the shortest amount of time. You leaped rock gardens and jumped up and down porch steps. I guarantee kids these days do the exact same thing. Precautions must be taken before letting your kids loose to ensure that they stay free from harm.

Ideas for Costume Safety:

  • Your children wait until dark before trick or treating, and will be running across streets to visit houses and meet friends. Whether your child’s costume is dark or light, consider adding reflective tape to make them more visible to vehicles at night.
  • Since most kid’s Halloween costumes only come in three sizes, after buying a new costume, check to make sure that it fits well. If it is too long, either swap it for a shorter one or make alterations. You don’t want your child to trip on the costume and fall.
  • Try to choose a costume without a mask. The eye holes in masks are very small and can restrict visibility. Your child’s ability to hear can also be blocked. If your child is trick or treating in a busy neighborhood, try to avoid the use of masks. Instead of a mask, consider using face paint. Search the Internet for ideas, and you can also find books online and off with creative designs and tutorials for how to apply the makeup for some fancy looks. Your child will usually find this more fun than wearing a mask anyway.

Since the 1970s, Scooby Doo Costumes have been a popular Halloween and theme party choice. There are characters for male and female, regardless of age. The costumes are casual, and don’t require masks. Wigs are available for an authentic look. One outfit in particular that gets lots of attention is the Daphne Costume.

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