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Scooby Doo CostumesScooby Doo has to be almost every kid’s favorite cartoon canine.  Who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of TV’s favorite dogs, jump in the Mystery Machine, and travel around solving mysteries with Fred, Shaggy, Daphne & Velma, and for those who know him, Scrappy Doo.

A Scooby Doo costume is ideal Halloween and fancy dress parties, and works well all year round whether it’s New Year or even Christmas. Stuck for an idea?  You can’t go wrong with one of the most popular cartoons of all time.  No one will be left asking “What is he supposed to be?“Choose from a large selection of Scooby Doo Costumes for adults and children of all ages and sizes.  Whether you want to be Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Fred or Daphne, we’ve got a costume for you.

Adult Scooby Doo Costume

Scooby Doo Adult Costume

(Available in One Size: Adult Standard (up to a size 38-42))

Scooby-Dooby DooOoooOoo!

Cruise the town solving mysteries in this Scooby-Doo Plush costume.

The costume includes a character jumpsuit with attached headpiece and zipper. They’ll all know where you are when you’re wearing this costume!

Super Deluxe Child/Toddler Scooby Doo CostumeToddler Child Scooby Doo Costume

(Available in Toddler and Child Sizes: Toddler (2-4), Small (4-6), Medium (8-10))

Ruh-ro! We just bought this one for our 4 year old daughter for Halloween this year.  She LOVES it! She wears it around the house, and we all can’t help but laugh. Your child will really enjoy this costume.

Your toddler will steal center stage in this officially licensed Scooby Doo costume while they solve the mystery of the zombie island monster. He roves Raggy and Rooby racks and so does your little mystery solving pup. Costume features a velour front zipper jumpsuit with attached character headpiece collar and tail. Now he can hunt for ghosts and solve a mystery on accident once his little tummy is full. Look for all of Scooby’s friends too.

Deluxe Child Scooby Doo Costume

(Available in sizes Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Toddler (2-4))Child Scooby Doo Costume

Rooby Dooby DooOOooOOoo…

This costume will take you back to this 70’s classic. This officially licensed Scooby-Doo costume comes with a plush jumpsuit with tail, a dog collar, and a Scooby Doo headpiece. Look for the rest of the Scooby gang! Available in child sizes.

Baby Scooby Doo CostumeBaby Scooby Doo Costume

(Available in sizes that fits most babies 0-9 months)

Got a little crime solver on your hands?

Treat your baby to a little mystery and a Scooby Snack with this Baby Scooby Doo Costume! Take the mystery and mayhem out of finding Baby Halloween Costumes by dressing them in this precious and plush Scooby Doo costume.This Scooby-Doo Baby Costume includes a soft, comfortable Scooby-Doo costume headpiece & Scooby-Doo costume jumpsuit with attached Scooby-Doo collar and tail. We also offer Adult Scooby Doo Costumes, so parents can get in on the act, as well.

Bunting Scooby Doo Costume

Bunting Scooby Doo Costume(Available in sizes that fits most babies 0-9 months)

This Halloween season, bring cute smiles to your neighbors while begging for sweet candies and scooby snacks in this Scooby Doo costume.

This costume is perfect for your baby because it’s adorable, but more importantly for your precious child is it’s nice and warm and snuggly. This Authentic Scooby-Doo costume includes the headpiece and bunting with fabric fastener on the bottom.

Dog Scooby Doo CostumeScooby Doo Dog Costume

(Available in Extra-Small, Small, Medium and Large Dog Sizes)

Your pooch is a part of your family too, so why not let them join the Mystery Inc gang? This is a fantastic Scooby Doo Dog Costume! Friends and neighbors will get a kick out of this dog costume.

Your dog will be ready to join Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Daphne for the party!

Scooby Doo Parties

What’s great about Scooby Doo costumes is you can where them at Halloween, but you can also have birthday theme parties, where all the kids dress up as a Scooby Doo character.  You can even get Scooby Doo Party KitsScooby Doo Party Favor Kits, and all sorts of Scooby Doo Party Decorations to match the theme of the party.pumpkin trick or treat bagKnock, Knock!

The door opens and then your little trick-or-treater shouts those three magic words that earn him or her a sweet reward for their adorable or scary costume. They will enjoy filling this orange and green smiling pumpkin bag with all the goodies he or she will receive this Halloween. Measures 19.5″ from handle to base.

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Let’s see how well you know your Scooby Doo history…

Did you know that the original series included four teenagers or young adults?  Probably, but did you know their REAL names?  There was Scooby Doo, Fred “Freddie” Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Shaggy Rogers. These five characters (officially collectively known as “Mystery, Inc.”, but never referred to as such in the original series) drive around in the Mystery Machine van, solving mysteries by exposing seemingly otherworldly ghosts and monsters as flesh and blood crooks. Later versions of Scooby-Doo featured different variations on the show’s supernatural theme, and include characters such as Scooby’s cousin Scooby-Dum and nephew Scrappy-Doo in addition to or instead of some of the original characters.

Scooby Doo Costumes

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